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Pets at Whitford Day Stay Training


Day Stay Training with Pets at Whitford


We’re happy to announce that we’re introducing Day Stay Training for all our lovely four-legged friends!


This has been in the planning for some time now, and coming off the back of puppy and adult dog classes starting up again, we’re really excited to bring our next opportunity for trainings at PAWss.


Here’s how it works:


We’ll be taking dogs out for private training sessions, covering off a list of basic manners, while also working on some specific skills the owner has listed out as a priority.

There are 3 different training packages you can sign your dog up to: PAWss Part-Time, PAWss Plus, or PAWss Pro. Essentially, these will be 1-day, 3-day, or 5-day (over 2 weeks) training packages. We’ve added in a range to ensure we have something that works for each owner and the needs of their dog. Each day consists of 3 individual training sessions.


Make sure you read further below for more details on each option. Here’s what you can expect across all the packages:


  • Basic Manners (loose-leash walking for example)
  • Polite Greetings (all 4 feet on the ground)
  • Attention on You (eye contact, looking to you for direction)
  • Impulse Control (holding a sit, stay, or letting go of a tug toy, self-settling)


Keep in mind: we’re not magicians! Training requires patience, dedication, and above all: time. Repetition is key. We’ll be working hard to install the basic software for these manners into your dog: it will be your long term mission to ensure this turns into hardware!

We’ll be providing you with homework, a report card, and a consultation at the end of your training package to ensure you’re up to speed with what’s happened, the progress made, and how to take the best steps forward.


Have a look below for details on each package, to help decide which package might be the best fit for you.


PAWss Part-Time Dog: 1 Day-Stay + Training - $95

Pre Requisite: PAWss Plus, PAWss Pro or Adult Dog Class.


This package is for the dog who already knows us well. Having a background in training with us, this training day is for the more experienced dog who just needs a little help with a certain issue, or a general touch up.


If you’re dog is doing great, but could definitely benefit with a little attention (!), then this day of training is for you.


PAWss Plus Dog: 3 Day-Stays + Training - $259

Pre Requisite: minimum 1 day of day stay.


This package is for the dog who needs a few consistent sessions, over a few days, to get back in shape. If you’ve had training before and know you’re dog is pretty up to speed, but could definitely use some help in a few certain areas, then this package is for you. We’ll work to install the basic manners needed to overcome the challenges you’re having, and by sticking to our homework sheet, you’ll be seeing an improvement in no time.


PAWss Pro Dog: 5 Day-Stays + Training - $399

Pre Requisite: minimum 1 day of day stay.


As you’ve probably noticed, the investment for a 5-day training package is our most discounted. This is because we’d love the time to make some lasting difference with your dog, as opposed to a quick lesson. In this package, we’re going to kick things off with a few baseline tests. These are things like sit-stays, down-stays, and speed of recall. The goal here is to teach impulse control and attention, two of the most major factors when working towards a well mannered dog.

Over the next 5 sessions, we’ll be engaging in a bunch of training methods, games, and tests to ensure your dog is making an improvement. We’ll take your input on their biggest behavioural challenges and work on solving these from the ground up. Again, the goal here is for us to establish the grassroots, and give you a solid platform to work off. We’re going to put the hard work in, allowing you to achieve success when you stick to your homework plan.  If you have any hesitations, please feel free to ring and have a chat!



We hope this is as exciting for you as it is for us! Over the next few months, we’ll be improving our facilities for further training: creating new dedicated areas for upcoming classes and personal consultations. To get prepped for these, make sure you’ve run your dog through a Day Stay Program!