What to expect at PAWss for your pets



Dog Day Care

Our Day Care facility runs Monday to Friday and offers a social space for your dog to exercise, learn new fun things and generally hang out.

We open at 7am where the dogs meet and greet each other in a controlled environment; we ask that your dog is in before 10am and not out before 2pm so that disruption throughout the day is kept to a minimum.

Through the morning various activities will happen with our team and your dogs, they can participate and join in or they have lots of areas they can sit back and enjoy watching the action.

All dogs get some down time midday, where they get to lounge on their beds and re-energise for the afternoons session.

During the afternoon they are back out with the pack and enjoy more activities and social time before going home before 6pm when usually they can sleep and dream the night away about all their big adventures!


Dog Boarding


Our kennels are open 7 days a week, please see our opening times on our website or emails.

Through the day we do run our kennel very socially, they get to mix with the other guests both staying overnight and day care. Enjoying all the activities that we offer, playing in the pool, enjoying the sun in our paddocks or cuddles with the team.

Our boarders do also get to enjoy forest walks, which gets them away from the kennel environment for a while and sniff away at what Whitford can offer.

Each dog gets their own individual room, where they have their own bed and blankets (you are welcome to bring their own bed for comfort) – they each have a water bowl and get fed breakfast and evening meals separately so we know they are eating and drinking ok. We feed the grain free Acana biscuit, which is an excellent choice of food for them. If your dog is on special food that is ok too, just bring it along and label it up!

We monitor each dog daily, ensuring they are healthy and enjoying their stay.


Cat Boarding


Our 2 beautiful catteries are a lovely open communal setting, this means that all the cats run freely together, we have created lots of little hiding places that they can go if feeling a little nervous, and lots of soft comfy places for snoozes in the sun.

Acana is the choice of biscuit which is always available, and at night time they get ‘Tuna Time’ where we feed a range of fresh tuna and meat .. most cats look forward to this time!




We have a fully functioning groom room and team onsite. Grooms can be arranged at the time of your booking, for anything from a bath and freshen up, to full pampering session. The Groom Room does book by Appointment and can get busy so the more notice the better so as not to disappoint. Please ask for prices from Denise or Chloe if you would like this service.




We also offer group, one-on-one and in-house training while your dog stays with us, we have a team of trainers who can offer a range of training needs whatever they may be. Please speak to Fiona should you wish to gain further information in this area.




The cattery is fully cleaned and litter trays changed every day, our kennels are cleaned out twice daily with Sterigene and/ or Quell as recommended by our vets. Each area is disinfected and freshened up. Bedding is washed and replaced. Water bowls are also washed and disinfected.





PAWss Statement to you


Here at Team PAWss we are dedicated to the welfare of all animals in our care, we will do our upmost to ensure your pet has the most wonderful loving time whilst they stay with us. We ensure our team has the knowledge and training that they need to fully look after your pet and make our environment a safe and happy place to be.


Thank you for choosing us to take care of your pet

Fiona & Denise