About Us

PAWss is jointly owned by Fiona Bailey & Denise Brackenbury.

Both Denise & Fiona call the Pohutukawa Coast their home. Denise lives on site at PAWss.

Fiona has been working locally as a qualified dog trainer within her own business Help My Dog since 2009 and remains passionate about continued self learning on the latest research within the industry. A member of The Association of pet dog trainers (APDTNZ) she has also attended seminars and qualified further from courses by Dr.Susan Friedman, Karmel Fernandez, Grisha Stewart, Roger Abrantes and Steve White.

Training is about empowerment, to enable you to become the best companion that your dog would wish for….

Denise growing up owned 8 pets – 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 rabbits, 1 guinea pig, 1 mouse and a goldfish! And that followed her through her life of being a pet lover. Moving over here with her dog Sami from the UK has now lived on the Coast since 2005 & from 2010 she has successfully run Bracks Dog Grooming. 

She owns 3 welsh springer spaniels and 9 Ragdoll cats. She is a registered pedigree breeder of ragdolls so understands cats and their needs very well. 

Both Fiona & Denise are driven by a love for dogs & cats, and generally most species in the animal kingdom but more importantly for the welfare and enrichment of animals in their care.